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Wineries in East Kelowna Lets  dive into the numerous wine tours available in Kelowna. In the second instalment of our series, we’ll look at East Kelowna’s charming, fun, and quirky Farmgate Wineries. This collection of seven boutique wineries will undoubtedly create an unforgettable experience. afternoon of wine- tasting.

Boutique feel and friendly hospitality

Farmgate Wineries in East Kelowna are known for their small, boutique feel and friendly hospitality. In their fun, funky, and remarkable tasting rooms and patios, they highlight what Kelowna is all about. You’ll see the beautiful sights of Kelowna as well as a few interesting things on the Farmgate Wineries tour. To name a few, a knight in shining armour, a massive psychedelic bottle, and a red shoe!

The Vibrant Vine Winery located in East Kelowna
The Vibrant Vine Winery located in East Kelowna

1. The Vibrant Vine

The Vibrant Vine is a must-see on the East Kelowna wine tour route, known for their amazing bottles, beautifully crafted wines, and stunning 3D art. The Vibrant Vine tasting room is unlike any other; they prefer to do things their own way. When you enter the tasting room, you will be given a pair of 3D glasses to start your 3D experience. All of the artwork in the tasting room, on the walls, on the bottles, and on the clothing is in three dimensions. It’s truly where art and wine meet!

2. Kitsch Winery

Kitsch Winery pairs small-batch, high-quality wines with fun and sophistication. Their tasting room is located in their three-bay garage, where you can hear some catchy beats and see some incredible art. All while admiring the breathtaking views of Kelowna and Okanagan Lake.

3. Camelot Vineyards

Camelot Vineyards must be the only winery with its own six-foot suit of armour! Combine that with various shields, swords, jousting gloves, and a replica of King Arthur’s round table for one of the most unique wine tasting experiences you’ve ever had!

4. The View Winery

If you’re looking for an authentic Okanagan wine tour, The View Winery is the place to be. The View Winery, located in a vintage 1922 apple packing house, offers crisp white wines, spicy reds, and handcrafted apple ciders. Just keep your eyes peeled for the big red shoe!

5. Sperling Vineyards

Sperling Vineyards has been British Columbia’s oldest heritage vineyard since 1925. This family-owned winery grows organic grapes and produces wines known for their elegance, texture, and authenticity.

6.  Spearhead Winery

This boutique winery creates high-quality wines from grapes grown on their estate vineyard and in other Okanagan Valley vineyards. They are dedicated to highlighting distinct terroirs of the Central Okanagan Valley. They make site-specific wines that highlight the distinct characteristics of Okanagan vineyards..

So, the next time you decide to go on one of Kelowna’s many wine tours, make sure to include the Farmgate Wineries. Taste some delicious wines, admire the scenery, and experience the eclectic side of Kelowna wine tours!

Stay tuned for the next part in our four-part series where we take a peek at the wineries on the Lake Country’s Scenic Sip Tour!

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Are Kelowna Wineries Open Throughout the Year?

Yes, Kelowna wineries welcome visitors year-round, ensuring continuous access to their exquisite offerings. While the peak tour seasons are Spring and Fall, wine enthusiasts can indulge in tastings and tours at any time. Wineries remain active throughout the year, engaging in various wine-making activities.

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