The Scenic Sip Wine Route in Lake Country, BC

The Scenic Sip Wine Route

Discover the vibrant flavours, stunning views and friendly hospitality of Lake Country with a trip down its Scenic Sip Wine Route. With so many wineries to choose from as well Kelowna being just around the corner, there’s something for every enthusiast! Come explore one of Canada’s premier wine destinations: journey through Lake Country today – glass in hand!

Why Lake Country is Known for Its Wines

Lake Country has something for every oenophile! With its diverse terroir, the area is home to more than a dozen wineries offering an array of classic and lesser-known varietals. Tourists can enjoy scenic hillside vineyards producing Chardonnay or Pinot Noir one day, followed by a trip through sandy soils yielding Ortega and Siegerrebe grapes on another—ideal conditions all around! For travelers looking to make the most out of their experience in this wine meadca, we strongly suggest planning your route ahead with tastings prebooked at preferred destinations.

Exploring the Scenic Sip Wine Route

Discover the amazing wines of Lake Country when you take a self-guided journey along The Scenic Sip Wine Route. Follow the well-signposted path, take in stunning views and explore some of the region’s best wineries as you go! With an easy to use map available at your fingertips, creating your own personal itinerary has never been easier.

Get an in-depth look at how some of the region’s finest wines are produced, from touring vineyards to tasting and learning about different flavor profiles. Take it one step further with a food and wine pairing experience for discerning palates wanting to explore nuances between dishes prepared specially paired with special vintages.

Embark on a journey of discovery and exploration with the Scenic Sip Wine Route. Satisfy your curiosity — no matter what level of wine knowledge you may have — as you explore wineries offering tastings and tours, allowing you to learn about the intricacies behind their signature wines.

What to Expect from the Wineries

From quaint, familial vineyards to commercialized tasting rooms, the Scenic Sip Wine Route offers a spectrum of characterful wine experiences. Discover something special as you explore and sip through this captivating region!

Some of the wineries you’ll pass along the route include:

  • Gray Monk Estate Winery is a destination for oenophiles seeking an experience like no other. This award-winning winery overlooks tranquil lakeside views and offers tastings, tours, and bistro dining – making it the perfect spot to savor some of nature’s finest creations!
  • Ex Nihilo Vineyards is a place where breathtaking views meet elegant wines! This family-owned winery invites you to join them for some of the finest tastings and tours. And, if that doesn’t satisfy your senses yet, why not round off an evening with a delicious meal paired perfectly with one of their exquisite wines?
  • Intrigue Wines is the premier destination for wine connoisseurs who are looking to discover something unique and special. This innovation winery offers one-of-a-kind wines, tours of their beautiful tasting room, as well as a restaurant experience with exquisite pairings that you won’t find anywhere else!
  • Celebrate the 50th Parallel Estate, a modern winery renowned for its pioneering approach to crafting delectable wines. Experience their revolutionary methods and join in on an unforgettable taste journey!

Visit picturesque Lake Country, the perfect destination for wine enthusiasts. Take a leisurely stroll through its renowned Scenic Sip Wine Route and find something to suit every palate – plus you’ll be just moments away from vibrant Kelowna! Get your glass ready; it’s time to explore one of BC’s most celebrated destinations.

Uncover the secrets to finding the best wines as you embark on a delightful exploration of flavors – your guide to wine discovery awaits here.

Is Okanagan wine available on the East Coast?

While British Columbia wineries aspire to capture Ontario’s market, challenges arise due to constraints imposed by the LCBO (Liquor Control Board of Ontario). Despite the surging demand, limited listings hinder widespread availability of Okanagan wines on the East Coast.

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