West Kelowna Wine Route

Explore the awe-inspiring beauty of West Kelowna’s wine route, where 16 premiere wineries await! Sample an array of classic and creative blends that perfectly encapsulate the unique terroir flavor unique to Okanagan Valley. This picturesque destination is ideal for oenophiles looking to discover new wines amid stunning scenery.

Picturesque vineyards

With picturesque vineyards set against the backdrop of rolling hills and lush valleys, West Kelowna’s wine route offers some of nature’s most idyllic settings. Long days filled with sunshine and mild temperatures make it perfect for growing an exquisite array of grapes that enhance your tasting experience in every way.

Discover the intricate nuances of British Columbia’s finest wineries with a tour along West Kelowna’s renowned wine route. Sample from exquisite varietals at Quails’ Gate, Volcanic Hills and Little Straw Vineyards as you learn about the art behind winemaking for an unforgettable experience!

Frind Family Estate Winery on the beach in West Kelowna

When planning your visit to explore the world of wine-making, keep in mind that most wineries take a break on Mondays and Tuesdays – carefully craft an itinerary with this knowledge. For increased satisfaction, make sure you book ahead – many popular wineries fill up quickly during peak season.

It’s always wise to check with wineries when planning your outfit as some may have their own dress code requirements. As most tastings occur outdoors, make sure you’re dressed for the climate so you can focus on experiencing delicious wines!

Wineries offer a variety of experiences for wine lovers, from complimentary tastings to small but worthwhile fees. Many establishments provide free samples for their club members or bottle buyers – an opportunity that can’t be overlooked!

Experience the stunning beauty and tantalizing taste of the Okanagan with a visit to West Kelowna’s famed wine route. With its friendly wineries, diverse selection of wines, and picturesque scenery – this is an essential destination for any oenophile during their stay in BC’s most celebrated valley. So don’t miss out – plan your journey today!

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