Sustainability in the Wine Industry:

Kelowna’s Eco-Friendly Wineries

The wine industry is taking a giant leap for sustainability. Wineries are leading the charge, but everyone must contribute to create long-lasting progress and reduce their environmental footprint.

Experience British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley – home to renowned eco-friendly wineries! Our top four picks are Summerhill Pyramid Winery, Rollingdale Winery, Kalala Winery and Sperling Vineyards. Get ready for a memorable wine tasting tour!

Summerhill Pyramid Winery is committed to environmental stewardship in all facets of their operations. In Kelowna, they are a leader among wineries when it comes to sustainable practices; certified organic and biodynamic, the property draws its power from solar energy while reusing greywater onsite and featuring compostable packaging. By embracing holistic methods for growing grapes and making wine with natural ingredients, Summerhill Pyramid Winery demonstrates an unwavering commitment to sustainability – no matter what season or region one visits them in!

Rollingdale Winery in West Kelowna is a member of the Okanagan Sustainable Winegrowing Program and actively works to create an eco-friendly wine experience. They use organic, biodynamic practices and renewable energy sources like solar panels for electricity, as well as biodiesel vehicles. By greening their operations, Rollingdale Winery shows how committed they are to sustainability.

Kalala Winery in West Kelowna is embracing sustainable winegrowing to reduce its impact on the environment. As a member of the Okanagan Sustainable Winegrowing Program, they are implementing organic and biodynamic practices as well as leveraging solar energy and biodiesel resources for efficient power generation. Simultaneously striving towards reducing their carbon footprint with measures such energy-efficient lighting or packaging from recycled materials, Kalala continues to be an advocate of mindful production methods that protect our planet’s future.

Sperling Winery in Kelowna is a shining example of sustainability, having joined the Okanagan Sustainable Winegrowing Program and implementing organic, biodynamic practices. Plus their commitment to reducing carbon doesn’t end there – they’ve also opted for energy-efficient lighting and recycled materials for packaging! Clearly, this winery demonstrates that eco-friendly efforts can be put into practice with great success.

From Summerhill Pyramid Winery and Rollingdale Winery, to Kalala and Sperling – these local companies are dedicated not only preserving their resources through sustainability practices but also providing superior tasting wines that reflect excellence at its finest. As consumers we can play our part by selecting sustainably made products from eco-friendly vineyards while encouraging others to do the same; thereby making a collective effort towards an enriching future for generations ahead.

Embark on a delightful journey through the West Kelowna Wine Route, exploring the diverse offerings of exceptional wineries and savoring the essence of this picturesque region – plan your route here.

What are the best seasons for wine tours in Kelowna?

Explore Kelowna’s vibrant wine scene year-round, with a special focus on the optimal months from May to September and October. These seasons offer abundant sunshine, creating the perfect conditions for wine enthusiasts to indulge in memorable tours. Plan your visit during these peak months to fully experience the richness of Kelowna’s wine culture.

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