The Ideal Kelowna Pickup Points: Hop-On Hop-Off Wine Tour Map

Where do I catch the wine tour bus?

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If your are looking for a wine tour near me, it is not always advisable to have guests drive to a pickup point for a hop on hop off service to join tour near you. Tour companies near you in Kelowna typically offer pickup and drop off services from guests’ hotels or residences within their designated pickup areas. This service prioritizes guests’ safety and provides a stress-free experience. If guests are too far away for pickup, the company may require assurance of safe transportation home. This can be a necessary precaution to ensure the safety of all guests, and to avoid any potential liability issues.

It’s can be expected that tour companies’ offering a public tour, pickup areas may include multiple stops, with the tour vehicle potentially stopping at as many as 4 or 5 locations to fill the vehicle. The more pickup locations there are, the longer the travelling time for guests being picked up. This can be especially true if the pickup locations are outside of the city limits or in less accessible outskirts of the city, which can significantly increase overall driving time.

Unwind and Savor on a guided wine tour

To help plan your accommodations or to find a convenient pickup point if you’re staying outside of the pickup area, we’ve prepared a map showing the available pickup locations. This can be a useful resource for guests to help plan their trip and ensure a more enjoyable and efficient tour experience.

Delve into the story behind the 2022 Winery of the Year and its exceptional journey here.

Discover Kelowna’s Wine Paradise

Kelowna boasts over 40 wineries, creating a paradise for wine enthusiasts. Conveniently situated within a 20-minute drive from downtown, the route spans Kelowna, West Kelowna, and Lake Country. Immerse yourself in the diverse world of wines in this picturesque region. Learn more here.

Personalized Wine Tours

Wine Tour Companies

Red Dog Wine Tours: Is the top-rated wine tour company on TripAdvisor. Red Dog Wine Tours provides public West Kelowna afternoon sightseeing tours or personalized and private tours for up to 11 guests per vehicle. With a knowledgeable guide and luxury transportation, guests will visit four wineries and have the option for a lunch stop. Online Booking

Lust for Luxury Tours is a top-tier wine tour company that offers custom private tours to some of the finest wineries in the Okanagan. Their expert guides will accompany you throughout your experience and provide valuable insights into the wine-making process. With luxurious transportation at your disposal, you’ll have a comfortable and indulgent ride to each winery. You can also expect tastings at a variety of wineries to round out your tour.

Experience the unique beauty of Kelowna’s vineyards and surrounding areas with an expert tour guide from Kelowna Concierge. Their knowledgeable guides will provide you an in-depth look at local wineries combined with luxury transportation to ensure a comfortable journey for wine tasting, culminating in unforgettable memories along the way!

Explore the exquisite wineries of the Okanagan region in the lap of luxury with Upper End Wine Tours. Embark on a small group journey through the sprawling vineyards, with the scent of sweet grapes filling the air. Let their knowledgeable guides lead the way, providing you with fascinating insights into the art of winemaking, as you marvel at the picturesque landscapes.

Explore Okanagan’s award-winning wineries in style with Wicked Wine Tours! Our knowledgeable guides and luxurious transportation will create a fun, informative experience for you. Sample some of the region’s most celebrated libations as our expert team leads your journey to explore unique flavors and aromas – all accompanied by an unforgettable time.

Okanagan Wine Country Tours offers personalized and luxury wine tours of the Okanagan region in Canada. Their experienced guides provide in-depth knowledge of the wineries and vineyards, while clients enjoy comfortable transportation and wine tastings at some of the finest wineries. It’s an exceptional wine touring experience for both novice and expert wine enthusiasts.

Elite Mile Tours takes guests on a sensational exploration of the Okanagan region, crafting an unparalleled wine-tasting journey that appeals to all levels. Their expert guides provide personalized insights as clients enjoy luxury transportation and visit multiple wineries in comfort and style – from novice learners up to experienced oenophiles alike! Discover exceptional wines with Elite Mile Tour’s sophisticated tour experience through beautiful British Columbia scenery – creating memories that last forever.

Cheers Okanagan Tours offers personalized large group tours to wineries in the Okanagan region. Their experienced guides provide valuable insights into the wineries and vineyards, while luxury transportation ensures comfortable and convenient travel. Clients can enjoy wine tastings at a variety of wineries during the tour. Cheers Okanagan Tours provides an exceptional wine-tasting experience to large groups, with a focus on personalized service and attention to detail.

Looking to explore the Okanagan’s exquisite wine culture? Uncorked Okanagan Wine Tours provide an exceptional experience unlike any other. Travel in luxury and comfort while learning about local vineyards, tasting wines from various wineries along with a delicious lunch stop! With their attentive staff dedicated to making your tour unique, you’re guaranteed a memorable day filled with fun exploring some of Canada’s finest vintages.

Vivid Tours elevates the wine-tasting experience with their luxurious and personal approach. Their knowledgeable guides provide an engaging look into Okanagan’s vibrant history of winemaking, while clients travel in comfort on private tours tailored to their individual needs. From luxury transportation paired with exclusive services to meticulous attention paid during each tour – Vivid Tours ensures a truly memorable outing that leaves no detail unnoticed!

Metropolis Wine Tours: A full-service wine tour company that offers personalized tours to a variety of wineries in the Okanagan. They provide knowledgeable guides, luxury transportation, and tastings at some of the best wineries in the region.

Experience the Okanagan and its vibrant wine scene like never before on one of Beach Bum Tours interactive, personalized tours! Travel in luxury transportation to a selection of wineries while guided by knowledgeable local experts. With an emphasis on providing superior service and exciting experiences, any day spent with Beach Bum Tours is guaranteed to be memorable – no matter your level of expertise when it comes to wine-tasting.

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